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Come build community with us

Do the most rewarding work of your life and join in our mission to accelerate human progress by developing a community-type configuration of society. We have the ability and resources to create a better world of ecologically regenerative and human need oriented cities. Our vision is to usher in a new planetary age of community.

Actively contribute to the emergence of a community-type society:

Option 1: Join the team through a job opening (work role), fill a needed role and help Project Auravana develop community at the societal scale. 

Option 2: Join the team with an internship (intern role), while undergoing formal education, fill the role of an intern to gain work experience and train with skilled practitioners. 

Option 2: Join as a supporting contributor (advisory role), offer your skills and expertise on an on-request basis (commitment on an as needed basis). Not fully engaging in development work, but is available when needed by developers.

Open Positions

Job Board – Available Work Roles

Apply below for interest in a work position.


Apply below to request an internship position.

Apply to fill a work position (role) with project Auravana

Thank you for stepping up and offering to contribute to a new paradigm on Earth. Please use this form to describe your interest and needs.
Type your responses outside of the text boxes, then copy the text into the text boxes (unless your technology saves the submission).

* By clicking send, you agree to be contacted.

FAQ – to explain the admission process

Q: Can you explain the application process?

A: If you would like to fill an open role, your first step is to apply with the application form (click the green button on this page). After submitting your application, you will receive an email confirmation and within several days an Auravana Contribution Service Coordinator will contact you.

The high level steps include:

  1. Submit your application.

  2. Meet with a project coordinator(s) for alignment determination and project role assignment.

  3. Join project communications platforms.

  4. Agree to the open-source terms and agree to a work description.

  5. Onboard to complete paperwork, orientation, and finalize work associations.

  6. Start working.

Q: What do I commit to (what is expected of me when I apply)?

A: You commit to is to do as you say you have agreed to in a work description. Work descriptions are decided upon and maintained based upon a coordinated contribution service.

In the interviewing process we will give you a clear picture of the commitments which relate to your desired role / quest / task. The only thing we expect is that when you finally commit, we can count on you to follow through.

Q: Who can post a job/role/task on the job board and how does that work?

A: Jobs (roles, positions) can be requested by project coordinators through the contribution service system. When coordinators see a need for work to be done, they can propose a role. Once the role is accepted, an Auravana Contribution Service Coordinator posts it on the job board on this page.

Q: What are the other relevant work associated webpages?

A: What We Do & Contribution Procedures & The Team & Auravana Project Deliverables (

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