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AuraKraho Habitat Service System


Hectares of Land


Permanent Residents


Habitat Service System

Low-density, bio-construction indigenous community habitat.

This project is inspired by the Krahô indigenous people.

AuraKraho mini-documentary

UniKraho University

AuraKraho Study Master Plan Presentation

AuraKraho Octagonal House and Master Plan

This habitat project is inspired by the Kraho indigenous who live in circular villages in the State of Tocantins in the North of Brazil. The Kraho tribe build their villages (of which there are many) in the form of circles. This project applies a holistic cultivation system to their common circular village layout in order to produce an abundance of food, fuel and fiber for the local Kraho village network population. Note that this version shows the pasture land on a non-permiter circular belt (the second from last circular). This is one possible configuration, however, in general, pasture land is the final perimeter circular belt. Of note, this is a low-technology and low-population density habitat. There are many different configurations of habitat in community with a spectrum of technology uses and population densities.

Aurakraho siteplan

Site plan of indigenous circular restorative rural Kraho habitat village

Gallery of AuraKraho Renders

View all AuraKraho renders.

The Working Groups

How can I contribute?

Your help toward a community-type society is greatly appreciated. Your contribution will help accelerate the creation of a community network of community-type habitat service systems. 

Please contact us to offer assistance.

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