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Contribute to a better life, for all.

The path to community within society is paved by each one of us, and becomes more clear by the day. Imagine what you could do if you had the power to transform society into community. Imagine the impact you could have if you knew the inner workings of society. Join the revolution to live in community. Our members see the world changing and desire to participate in dispelling fear and empowering real world solutions to global human and ecological problems.



The future is our togetherness in love, learning, work, and leisure.

Together, we can galvanize action to create fundamental system change toward community. Invest in your flourishing among community.

Conscious co-creation

Everything we need to flourish together.

We can remove the personal tension in how we work and live today. We know the inputs and outputs, and there was once a black box separating us from our fulfillment. This black box, which was once so impenetrable, is now made clear for all of us. Socio-technical standards representative of community form the basis form which we inter-operate and share all that humanity has to offer. Through agreement and the accumulation of scientific knowledge we shall advance into the next century with situational awareness and great compassion.


Project for a community-type society


Education allows for optimization throughout all other phases of our life. Through knowledge acquisition and skills development we become capable of effectively contributing, and ultimately, thriving together.



Community provides the structure for optimizing individuals’ passions for contribution. Through efficient coordination and organizational operations the internal drive to facilitate human flourishing is fostered and supported. 



Community offers a diversity of recreational, social and leisurely activities that provide for the exploratory desires of humankind. The benefits that all of humanity and the Earth has to offer become available to all.

Live well

Life beyond money, States, and economic class division.

Membership in community at the societal scale provides meaningful access to customized habitats where individuals have the opportunities live their best lives with others who are doing similarly. Life freely among a network of habitats with a community network where social justice for all and technical efficiency create an abundance of opportunities for growth, contribution, and exploration. Access all that humanity has to offer without trade or coercion. Together we can arrange society based on human flourishing and supported by scientific certainty and safe engineering. 

AuraCurve city network showing compact design

We build the habitat network together, and together it builds our resilience

As we weave a new configuration of society, so society weaves a new configuration of humanity. The problems so ubiquitous in the early 21 century have solutions that become clear and simply obvious when imagine and agree together to encode a better vision of our world.

Flow together

Experience more flow in your life and in the lives of others.

Live among others who are applying cutting edge research to experience more flow in their lives. Live with others who are breaking through their deepest inner blocks and expanding into a reality of evolved human potential where self growth and societal success happens effortlessly throughout all areas of life.

Let’s share our knowledge and resources, and co-create a more equal, peaceful, and flourishing world

The three greatest threats to the environment and human flourishing are war, ignorance, and poverty. We are part of the number one most influential movement in the world unleash our potential for community living. The future we all dream of is available now, embodied by documentation, visualization, simulation, and direct human experience. We now have the foundation for community-based lifestyles customized to your highest desires in life


Access the habitat network

Our community model provides members with shared access to a network of habitats in which life fulfilling service are planned with human needs in mind. Why own a home and private property when you can have common and personal access among community.

Benefit from community living

Live in a civilization that prioritizes cooperation and optimized access to societal services over market competition and State enforcement of property. The benefits of community become available to all through intelligent organization and disciplined contribution.

Demonstrate global co-operation

Through community standards, informed from agreement and deep integration, society can be easily re-configured to facilitate global co-operation and the optimization of human flourishing. It is possible to upgrade our lives by upgrading our standards for what is, and what is possible.
An integrated city system with the phrase true family cities and the keywords safety, beauty, moneyless, trustworthy, and automated

Many configurations of the built environment, customized to meet your family’s needs and preferences.

Experience connection and coherence, where your family can flourish to its highest potential.

Community standards

Our socio-technical society is founded upon the intellectual work and accumulated efforts of humanity over the centuries. A model of the real world organizes and coordinates our information, which habitat teams apply their knowledge, skills, and our common heritage resource for the benefit of all.

A network of habitats

Structured community access to common heritage resources is possible when production becomes directed toward human need fulfillment in the context of a shared fulfillment network. Habitat services meet ecological services to produce human fulfillment services.

A unified standard for global co-operation

The beauty and elegance of the natural world becomes reflected in our societal information and decisioning systems, and ultimately in how much flow we experience in our daily lives. 

 Project Auravana 


Amplify the best of humanity, while reducing the worst

Project Auravana is here to facilitate a global transformation to community at the societal scale. Discover how to amplify human intelligence, love, and well-being, while reducing conflict and scarcity. The combustible mixture of ignorance and power-over-others can be transformed with ease and enjoyment.

Build community with us

Where knowledge and skill meet constructive action.

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