The AuraCurve Habitat Service System

Rural Regenerative Habitats for the restoration of community

The AuraCurve Habitat Service System is an Auravana Project sub-project. All AuraCurve documentation will be added to the Auravana Material System documentation. There are many configurations of habitat in community, this is just one example.

The first duplicable, community-type habitat service system (HSS) for human flourishing and ecological restoration capable of producing the conditions for transitioning from the market-State (capitalism) to community. Herein, life support, technology support, and exploratory support are integrated within the rural habitat. The goal is to create a safe, abundant, and uplifting environment that supports ecological regeneration as well as human well-being. Over time, the AuraCurve HSS will be duplicated (with different configurations), thus growing into a larger and larger regenerative habitat-life chain service network. Auracurve is the first rural, low density habitat service system with restorative agriculture.

Together, we will Reform the rural environment to one of good quality access (e.g., good roads, trash collection, no mold in housing, etc. ) and to the productive distribution of good quality food, fibers, and fuels. 

Note that this proposal does not advocate for everyone to live in low-density rural environments. Many people in community choose to live in high-density integrated city systems. Community gives individuals the freedom to choose a high- or low-density lifestyle. In contrast to a high-density city environment, a low-density rural environment allows for slightly larger dwelling buildings for its residents. That said, the architecture herein can be used for higher-density environments also.

AuraCurve Architectural Showcase – experience integrated minimalist design:

  • Integrated design elements.
  • Provides a 180 degree human vision view from the center of the architecture (looking forward and outward).
  • Simple construction and setup with partial pre-fabrication.
  • Easy to maintain, to operate, and to clean.
  • Supportive of a regenerative landscape.
  • Sustainable buildings and “green” design.
  • Beautiful (aesthetic).
  • Supportive of human well-being.

AuraCurve Habitat Showcase:

  1. A restorative circular cultivation system,
    symbiotic with farmed animals (a holistic polyculture), optimizing ecological services.
  2. A reasonably self-contained ecological production system that produces abundance [of food, fuel, fibers] to be distributed locally and regionally within the community network. 
  3. A habitat service standard for safety and human resource fulfillment.
  4. Open source architecture that is easy to construct and maximizes human well-being.
  5. An evolving socio-technical design upon which highly efficient future habitats (cities) can be built.
  6. An integrated total system following a systems science approach to sustainability and human fulfillment.

How does AuraCurve benefit our direction:

This Auravana SubProject will:

  1. Connect us with what is possible and what is not possible for a larger scale, potentially global, community-type societal operation.
  2. Allow us to run [socialist] economic calculations on a prototype habitat service system.
  3. Allow us to begin calculating what the life, technology, and exploratory requirements are for individuals and families.
  4. Help us determine what is explicitly needed and preferred for a rural population.
  5. Allow us to have the first operational habitat service system working that produces an abundance of food, fuel, and other materials, while facilitating the restoration of regional rural environments.

We face the challenge to design and coordinate
habitat service systems that can reverse problems of
ecological damage and human impoverishment.

Cities in the 21st century are swollen nightmares of poverty, crowding, pollution, and ugliness. What is necessary is a high-density as well as low-density (agrarian) reform project for sharing land, resources, information, and planning coordination for a high quality-of-life for the global population. The AuraCurve project addresses the low-density (agrarian) side of this problem.

By evolving our architecture and and landscape designs we can change the health and well-being of the global population. We can support vitally needed ecological restoration while also, simultaneously producing food, fuels, and other materials.

Habitat cooperative

Many Different Habitat Configurations Are Possible

The AuraCurve Habitat Service System is a biologically diverse community ecosystem that relies on integrated infrastructural services as well as animal raising and agroforestry. Fertility comes from animals and other organisms raised on the farm. The pasture animals are essential to optimize soil regeneration and to provide essential food nutrition for humans.

AuraCurve HSS configurations

Many Different Network Configurations Are Possible

The AuraCurve HSS is one proposal for reform of rural land,
transforming it into a network of integrated and regenerative habitat
service systems that cultivate an abundance of food, fuels, and other materials.

AuraCurve city network
AuraCurve city network
AuraCurve city network
AuraCurve city network
AuraCurve city network

AuraCurve Siteplans

Restorative agriculture combined with a more rural lifestyle. The center circle is a common gathering area and is one building. Four larger dwellings (North and South directions) are positioned in the 2nd circle outward, along with four smaller dwellings (and support structures, in the East and West directions).  There are also two support buildings positioned in the outer circular (East and West Directions) for animal support. The third and fourth circulars are are pastureland with agroforestry techniques for the symbiotic cultivation of animals and plants.

AuraCurve Master Plan ( 8 dwelling configuration, 10 ha )

Configuration: Multi-Storey Popular Version

Download the high-quality PDF versions of the architectural plans below (note: make sure to check version and revision numbers):

Labeled model of the multi-storey popular version.
habitat cooperative network model

AuraCurve Architectural Plan

The beauty of elegant integration. The first AuraCurve building; a home for those in need of community.

Download the high-quality PDF versions of the architectural plans below. These versions along with the images below will be updated as the plans are updated. 

Make sure to version (V) and revision (R) numbers for the most up-to-date files.

Floor Plan Views

These floor plans currently include the following detailed plans (as of 2022-08-17)

  1. Architecture
  2. Structure
  3. Electrical
  4. Hydro-sanitation

Architecture Plans

Structure Plans

Electrical Plans

Hydro-Sanitation Plans

Section Views

AuraCurve Cultivation Plan

A true polyculture including livestock rotation and succession planning (and planting) of multiple perennial crops and inter-crop plantings.

The AuraCurve Habitat Service System (HSS) features two or more holistic cultivation circulars (a.k.a., “restorative agriculture belts”). These belts are separated into pastures, and therein, into paddocks. In a square-like landed plot arrangement, the four right angles (i.e., each edge of the squared circle) are forests. Restorative agriculture includes a symbiotic arrangement of plants and animals, which has the potential to facilitate the restoration of local soil and produce an abundance of food, some of which may be sold in the [external societal] market.

Download the high-quality PDF version (note: make sure to check version and revision numbers):

Gallery of AuraCurve Renders

View all AuraCurve renders.

Development Progress and Next Steps

The following progress bars show the development of the system to date. These progress bars were last updated on 27 October 2021. Note that the progress bars will lag development; because, the website is not updated in real-time.

Architectural drawings
Percentage Complete 80%
Architectural specification
Percentage Complete 50%
Structural drawings
Percentage Complete 96%
Structural Specification
Percentage Complete 50%
Hydraulics drawings (Plumbing)
Percentage Complete 60%
Hydraulics specification (Plumbing)
Percentage Complete 50%
Gas & fuel drawings
Percentage Complete 2%
Gas & fuel specification
Percentage Complete 10%
Electrical drawings
Percentage Complete 70%
Electrical specification
Percentage Complete 20%
Atmospheric (HVAC) drawings
Percentage Complete 30%
Atmospheric (HVAC) specification
Percentage Complete 30%
Illumination drawings
Percentage Complete 80%
Illumination specification
Percentage Complete 10%
Cultivation drawings
Web Designer 2%
Cultivation specification
Percentage Complete 60%
Land Assessment
Percentage Complete 25%
Land Acquisition
Percentage Complete 0%
Percentage Complete 30%
Business model
Percentage Complete 10%
Percentage Complete 0%

How can I contribute?

Your help toward a community-type society is greatly appreciated. Your contribution will help accelerate the creation of a community network of AuraCurve habitat service systems. 

Please contact us to offer assistance.