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The integration of planetary information for the co-creation of global human fulfillment and ecological service regeneration

The path to community

We present a unified vision for global partnership to create a world where all humans flourish and family potential may be fully realized at the societal scale

People desire improved living standards, state-of-the-art infrastructure, more walkability, better working conditions, and more leisure – all of which are available in community-cities through the adoption of community standards.

Our intention

Together we are developing a community configuration of society through a unified set of socio-technical standards that realize a network of integrated habitat service systems (also known as, cities) that optimize human need fulfillment and ecological regeneration. Our objective is a duplicable and agreeable habitat service system (and eventual network) where a community population co-lives and co-works for global human flourishing.

Better conditions

A better configuration of societal construction will create better conditions. For this purpose, it is important to standardize, to plan, and to direct a network of interoperating rural and urban habitats that improve human day-to-day functioning and facilitate human need fulfillment. Better conditions lead to better decisions, lead to more flourishing lives.

auravana Overview societal transition indigenous market state social community real world banner

Auravana [Project] identifies the primary subsystems of any human society in order to engineer a configuration of society free of money, free of competing classes, and free of the State. It uses a set of sociotechnical standards to explain the real-world where humans can reach greater states of flourishing than those present in the early 21st century.

Where would you live

A new configuration of society awaits

















An integrated city system with the phrase true family cities and the keywords safety, beauty, moneyless, trustworthy, and automated

It is possible today

Imagine living where contribution services, collect intelligence from people and sensors, and respond efficiently and effectively to complex issues. Imagine a unified and integrated (given what is known) standard for the construction and operation of community at the societal scale. The user’s interests (human needs) are accounted for. High command chain efficiency is necessary. All complex socio-technical societies use societal specification standards to maintain and adapt their structures. It is possible to use information and material resources to better our lives to the point that we have the conditions to see each other as family.

Community as a configuration of society is our best hope for resource shortages, for recovering from poverty and pollution, and for social discontent.

About the proposal

It is possible to develop, together and with contribution, a societal operating system consisting of working group developed standards and habitat team operations. We are developing a society where human fulfillment is evidenced, and we are all doing it together. Those who contribute are appreciated and recognized as sustaining a society where all are fulfilled, from those in the education phase to those in the leisure phase, by the sense of a duty to give back to society by those in the contribution phase. Over time, fewer number of working cycles are required to sustain society at a level of optimal human fulfillment given what is known and available. The standards become the information platform, and the habitat network becomes the material basis-platform, for global human flourishing. Problem definition needs to take into account human users, working groups, and habitat operational teams, and problem definition must be a prerequisite to proposal-making. Proposals are habitat service local-/network-user configurations. These configurations include local preferences for configuration. Decisioning occurs over a spectrum from values, to objectives, to decisions that relate one-to-one another, and therein, decisions to re-configure materiality (in the form of habitats toward human fulfillment).

When we return to a simple two strand thread we may see how information and materiality may be integrated into a set of standards that produces and operates a network of integrated habitat city systems. The working groups and habitat team members are themselves seen as the users of the society that optimizes their flourishing.

Proposals for habitats include agreements, knowledge (from science), human preference surveys, and resource surveys. Teams in community take decisions together, because they see each other as co-contributors, and not as competitors. In community, work is split into teams that take decisions at different levels of frequency. When an incident occurs in a habitat, decisions and protocols are engaged more rapidly and command-like, than the development of the next aesthetic re-configuration of someone’s given habitat. Preferences are taken into account in the latter case, and commands, which come from commonly optimal protocols, given standards, are shared (because, all share a common critical- and systems-thinking standard). When there is an emergency, protocols are engaged, which represent standards that are expected to resolve the emergency with the least harm and time. These working groups and teams that sustain society use statistical services to calculate production, contribution, and life-cycle servicing of global human need. The mathematics to do this without price have been available to do this for decades. Yes, one can imagine the reasons why this hasn’t been done at wide scale, or previously wasn’t feasible due to socio-technical conditions.

The disconnect between law-making and trading, and human fulfillment is replaced by an integrated system that structures society in a way that is standardized to be known to create human fulfillment and adapts to conditions because the users are also the contributors.

If a community configuration of society is possible, consider it to be within your reach.

What role will you play in community?




Become someone to be proud of, someone who has the knowledge and skills to contribute and live a higher potential life


Operate a community-configuration of society where teams work together to meet human and ecological requirements


Achieve your highest potential, by participating in all that humanity has to offer when we work together




Develop information standards and master plan solutions


Operate a habitat fulfillment service


Facilitate a transition from the old to the new


Track our work

Track our work and learn about how the standards for a community-type society has developed.

Explore #Hashtags

Discover the #hashtag mapping of a project to bring into existence and co-operate a community-type society

Explore figures

Discover the models/figures that present a complete and unified visualization of the common direction and its executable operation

Discover How to Contribute

Community survives and thrives based on contribution and a sense of duty.

Discover Community Habitats

Learn about and help us develop community-based integrated/total city systems.

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