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Auravana Standards Gallery VR Experience (FREE)

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I spent hours looking over the models. It’s actually a possibility! 

Amazing and detailed models that have helped me understand the possible operation of community at the societal scale! 

Understand more than you can imagine in VR


RELEASED: 6 May 2022

Auravana Circular City VR Demo (FREE)

Last updated: 29 June 2018

Description: This is a virtual reality recreation of a circular city system.

Videos of human interaction in this virtual world can be seen on the Project’s videos page.

The file set

  1. The FBX and texture files: GitHub TrvsGrant
  2. HTC Vive, [Windows] AutoDesk Stingray: GitHub TrvsGrant
  3. HTC Vive, [Windows] Unreal Engine 4: GitHub TrvsGrant

The executable deployment files

The .exe files for running the simulation (HTC Vive and compatible PC required):

Deployment files include

  1. One Stingray HTC Vive executable deployment file for the city in VR.
  2. One Unreal Engine 4 HTC executable deployment file for the city in VR.

The technical usage and development guides

  1. Technical usage and development guidance (the manual) for the file set: VR City Development Guide for The Auravana Project
  2. Technical guidance (the handbook) for modeling and simulating: VR City Modeling Handbook_v34
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