Societal Standards Working Groups

These are the current and active technical working groups to develop a community-type societal standard. Here you’ll find a list of the societal standards working groups, ordered by standard, and therein, by article. Each article in each standard is a working sub-group of the working group of that particular standard. The working groups displayed below are the currently active working groups.
Approach to project decisions through working groups, coordinators, and operations
Societal team operations chart

System Overview Working Groups

SSS-SO-WG>Proposal : Project Proposal to Develop and Operate Society as a Community

SSS-SO-WG>Treatise : Treatise on Community as a Type of Society

SSS-SO-WG>Model :  The Real-World Community Model

SSS-SO-WG>Concept :  Concept Models of a Community-Type Society

Project Plan Working Groups

SSS-PP-WG>Overview :  The Project Plan Overview

SSS-PP-WG>Approach :  The APPROACH to a community-Type Society Project

SSS-PP-WG>Project :  The Project Approach

SSS-PP-WG>Engineering :  The Engineering Approach

SSS-PP-WG>Decision :  The Decision Approach

SSS-PP-WG>Standardization :  The Standardization Approach

SSS-PP-WG>Open :  The Open Approach

SSS-PP-WG>Direction :  The DIRECTION of a community-Type Society

Project Plan Execution Working Groups

(Not Yet Available, Currently Under Development)

SSS-PP-WG-PE>Execution :  The EXECUTION of a community-Type Society

SSS-PP-WG-PE>Lists :  Plan the Project Lists

SSS-PP-WG-PE>Contribution :  Plan the Contribution Service System

SSS-PP-WG-PE>Lists :  Plan the Transition Proposal

Social System Working Groups

SSS-SS-WG>Overview: The Social System Overview for a Community-Type Society

SSS-SS-WG>Direction :  The Social DIRECTIONof a Community-Type Society

SSS-SS-WG>Orientation :  The Social ORIENTATIONof a Community-Type Society

SSS-SS-WG>Value :  The Value System of a Community-Type Society

SSS-SS-WG>Justice:  The Operationalized Value of Restorative Justice

SSS-SS-WG>Approach :  The Social APPROACHof a Community-Type Society

SSS-SS-WG>Data :  The Data and Knowledge Sub-Domains of a Community-Type Society

SSS-SS-WG>Self :  Conception of Self-Orientation 

SSS-SS-WG>Rules :  Conception of Rules, Cults, and Utopias

SSS-SS-WG>Crime :  Conception of Crime, Authority, Force, and Law

SSS-SS-WG>Ownership :  Conception of Ownership and Trade

SSS-SS-WG>Intellectual :  Conception of Intellectual Property, Copyright, Plagiarism

SSS-SS-WG>Anonymity :  Conception of Anonymity and Privacy

Decision System Working Groups

SSS-DS-WG>Overview :  The Decision System Overview

SSS-DS-WG>Decisioning : Approach to Decisioning in a Community-Type Society

SSS-DS-WG>Classification :  Classification of the Economic Decision System for a Community-Type Society

SSS-DS-WG>Calculation :  Orientational Calculation Protocol for a Community-Type Society

SSS-DS-WG>Inquiry :  Orientational Inquiry Protocol for a Community-Type Society

SSS-DS-WG>Software :  Software Programming

Material System Working Groups

SSS-MS-WG>Overview : The Material System Overview

SSS-MS-WG>City :  A City System for a Community-Type Society

SSS-MS-WG>Land : Land Accounting System

SSS-MS-WG>Resource : Resource Accounting System

SSS-MS-WG>Access :  Access Accounting System

SSS-MS-WG>Technology :  Technology Accounting System

SSS-MS-WG>Service :  Service Accounting System

SSS-MS-WG>Materials :  Materials Accounting System

SSS-MS-WG>Measurement :  Measurement Accounting System

Habitat System Working Groups

(Not Yet Available, Currently Under Development)

SSS-WG-MS>Habitat : The Habitat Service System

SSS-WG-MS>Life :  The Habitat System Master Planning 

SSS-WG-MS>Architecture:  Life Support – Architecture Service System 

SSS-WG-MS>Water:  Life Support – Water Service System

SSS-WG-MS>Power:  Life Support – Power Service System

SSS-WG-MS>Medical:  Life Support – Medical Service System

SSS-WG-MS>Cultivation:  Life Support – Cultivation Service System

SSS-WG-MS>Technology :  Technology Support Service 

SSS-WG-MS>Information:  Technology Support – Information Service System

SSS-WG-MS>Communication:  Technology Support – Communication Service System

SSS-WG-MS>Transportation:  Technology Support – Transportation Service System

SSS-WG-MS>Materialization:  Technology Support – Materialization Service System

SSS-WG-MS>Exploratory :  Exploratory Support Service 

SSS-WG-MS>Scientific:  Exploratory Support – Scientific Service System

SSS-WG-MS>Technology:  Exploratory Support – Technology Service System

SSS-WG-MS>Learning:  Exploratory Support – Learning Service System

SSS-WG-MS>Recreation:  Exploratory Support – Recreation Service System

SSS-WG-MS>Art:  Exploratory Support – Art & Music Service System

SSS-WG-MS>Consciousness:  Exploratory Support – Consciousness Service System

SSS-WG-MS>AuraCurve:  Master Plans – AuraCurve

Lifestyle System Working Groups

SSS-LS-WG>Overview :  The Lifestyle Overview

SSS-LS-WG>Flow :  The Flow Cycle

SSS-LS-WG>Learning :  The Learning Cycle

SSS-LS-WG>Work : The Work Cycle

SSS-LS-WG>Contribution: The Service Contribution Cycle

Contribution Work Descriptions

SSS-WG-WD>Role : Description of work roles