Societal Standards Working Groups

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These are the technical working groups to develop a community-type societal standard. Here you’ll find a list of the societal standards working groups, ordered by standard, and therein, article. Each article in each standard is a working sub-group of the working group of that particular standard.

Approach to project decisions through working groups, coordinators, and operations
Societal team operations chart

Project Plan Working Groups

[WG-PP-Overview]  The Project Plan Overview

[WG-PP-Approach]  The APPROACH to a community-Type Society Project

[WG-PP-Project]  The Project Approach

[WG-PP-Engineering]  The Engineering Approach

[WG-PP-Decision]  The Decision Approach

[WG-PP-Standardization]  The Standardization Approach

[WG-PP-Contribution]  The Contribution Approach

[WG-PP-Direction]  The DIRECTION of a community-Type Society

[WG-PP-Execution]  The EXECUTION of a community-Type Society

System Overview Working Groups

[WG-SO-Model]  The Real-World Community Model

[WG-SO-Treatise]  Treatise on Community as a Type of Society

Social System Working Groups

[WG-SS-Overview] The Social System Overview for a Community-Type Society

[WG-SS-Direction]  The Social DIRECTION of a Community-Type Society

[WG-SS-Orientation]  The Social ORIENTATION of a Community-Type Society

[WG-SS-Value]  The Value System of a Community-Type Society

[WG-SS-Approach]  The Social APPROACH of a Community-Type Society

[WG-SS-Data]  The Data and Knowledge Sub-Domains of a Community-Type Society

[WG-SS-Self]  The Three Forms of Self-Orientation within a Community-Type Society

[WG-SS-Rules]  Rules, Cults, and Utopias as Conceptions within Society

[WG-SS-Crime]  Crime, Authority, Force and Law as Conceptions in Society

Decision System Working Groups

[WG-DS-Overiew]  The Decision System Overview

[WG-DS-Decisioning]  Decisioning in a Community-Type Society

[WG-DS-Classification]  Classification of the Economic Decision System for a Community-Type Society

[WG-DS-System]  The Global Decision System Protocol for a Community-Type Society

[WG-DS-Team]  InterSystem Team Structuring in a Community-Type Society

[WG-DS-Identification] Anonymity and Privacy in a Community-Type Society

[WG-DS-SoftPropertization]  Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Plagiarism in a Community-Type Society

[WG-DS-HardPropertization]  Ownerships and Trade

[TEAM-DS-Software]  Software Programming

  • Database and interface development (for the social environment), a decision system (for determining new informational and material environments), and cybernetic city systems (coordinating operating cities as networked service control platforms)

Material System Working Groups

[WG-MS-Overview]  The Material System Overview

[WG-MS-City]  A City System for a Community-Type Society

[WG-MS-Land]  Land Accounting System

[WG-MS-Resource] Resource Accounting System

[WG-MS-Access]  Access Accounting System

[WG-MS-Technology]  Technology Accounting System

[WG-MS-Service  Service Accounting System

[WG-MS-Integration]  Materialization Accounting System

[WG-MS-Habitat]  The Habitat Service System

[WG-MS-Life *]  Life Support Service 

[WG-MS-Technology *]  Technology Support Service 

[WG-MS-Exploratory *]  Exploratory Support Service 

[WG-MS-Materials]  Materials Accounting System

[WG-MS-Measurement]  Measurement Accounting System

[TEAM-MS-Materialization]  Material Modeling

  • Building, infrastructure, hardware and operations digital drawings, including plans and procedures (CAD, Rhino, Revit, Fusion, etc.)

[TEAM-MS-Simulation]  Material Simulation

  • Simulation of cities, city networks, and the ecology (UE4, Unity, etc.)

Lifestyle System Working Groups

[WG-LS-Overview]  The Lifestyle Overview

[WG-LS-Flow]  The Flow Cycle

[WG-LS-Learning]  The Learning Cycle

[WG-LS-Work]  The Work Cycle