Societal Standards Working Groups

These are the technical working groups to develop a community-type societal standard. Here you’ll find a list of the societal standards working groups, ordered by standard, and therein, article. Each article in each standard is a working sub-group of the working group of that particular standard.

Approach to project decisions through working groups, coordinators, and operations
Societal team operations chart

Project Plan Working Groups

[WG-PP-Overview]  The Project Plan Overview

[WG-PP-Approach]  The APPROACH to a community-Type Society Project

[WG-PP-Project]  The Project Approach

[WG-PP-Engineering]  The Engineering Approach

[WG-PP-Decision]  The Decision Approach

[WG-PP-Standardization]  The Standardization Approach

[WG-PP-Contribution]  The Contribution Approach

[WG-PP-Direction]  The DIRECTION of a community-Type Society

[WG-PP-Execution]  The EXECUTION of a community-Type Society

System Overview Working Groups

[WG-SO-Model]  The Real-World Community Model

[WG-SO-Treatise]  Treatise on Community as a Type of Society

Social System Working Groups

[WG-SS-Overview] The Social System Overview for a Community-Type Society

[WG-SS-Direction]  The Social DIRECTION of a Community-Type Society

[WG-SS-Orientation]  The Social ORIENTATION of a Community-Type Society

[WG-SS-Value]  The Value System of a Community-Type Society

[WG-SS-Approach]  The Social APPROACH of a Community-Type Society

[WG-SS-Data]  The Data and Knowledge Sub-Domains of a Community-Type Society

[WG-SS-Self]  The Three Forms of Self-Orientation within a Community-Type Society

[WG-SS-Rules]  Rules, Cults, and Utopias as Conceptions within Society

[WG-SS-Crime]  Crime, Authority, Force and Law as Conceptions in Society

Decision System Working Groups

[WG-DS-Overiew]  The Decision System Overview

[WG-DS-Decisioning]  Decisioning in a Community-Type Society

[WG-DS-Classification]  Classification of the Economic Decision System for a Community-Type Society

[WG-DS-System]  The Global Decision System Protocol for a Community-Type Society

[WG-DS-Team]  InterSystem Team Structuring in a Community-Type Society

[WG-DS-Identification] Anonymity and Privacy in a Community-Type Society

[WG-DS-SoftPropertization]  Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Plagiarism in a Community-Type Society

[WG-DS-HardPropertization]  Ownerships and Trade

[TEAM-DS-Software]  Software Programming

  • Database and interface development (for the social environment), a decision system (for determining new informational and material environments), and cybernetic city systems (coordinating operating cities as networked service control platforms)

Material System Working Groups

[WG-MS-Overview]  The Material System Overview

[WG-MS-City]  A City System for a Community-Type Society

[WG-MS-Land]  Land Accounting System

[WG-MS-Resource] Resource Accounting System

[WG-MS-Access]  Access Accounting System

[WG-MS-Technology]  Technology Accounting System

[WG-MS-Service  Service Accounting System

[WG-MS-Integration]  Materialization Accounting System

[WG-MS-Habitat]  The Habitat Service System

[WG-MS-Life *]  Life Support Service 

[WG-MS-Technology *]  Technology Support Service 

[WG-MS-Exploratory *]  Exploratory Support Service 

[WG-MS-Materials]  Materials Accounting System

[WG-MS-Measurement]  Measurement Accounting System

[TEAM-MS-Materialization]  Material Modeling

  • Building, infrastructure, hardware and operations digital drawings, including plans and procedures (CAD, Rhino, Revit, Fusion, etc.)

[TEAM-MS-Simulation]  Material Simulation

  • Simulation of cities, city networks, and the ecology (UE4, Unity, etc.)

Lifestyle System Working Groups

[WG-LS-Overview]  The Lifestyle Overview

[WG-LS-Flow]  The Flow Cycle

[WG-LS-Learning]  The Learning Cycle

[WG-LS-Work]  The Work Cycle

Societal Interface Teams

The Relationship Development Team (Public)

The Jurisdictional/Geopolitical Interface Team (State)

The Financial Interface Team (Market)

Project Coordinator Contact Team


Global Projects Coordinator

Travis Grant (TrvsGrant)


Active (currently) Working Group Members


Global Projects Coordinator and Global Working Group Member

Travis Grant (TrvsGrant)