Presentations by Contributors to the Project

The following video presentations by project contributors explain the conceptual operation of community at the societal-level (i.e., explain a community-type society). These presentations are sorted by date (newest first).

AuraCurve cultivation system work description (Portugues)

The AuraCurve cultivation system is currently under development. This presentation encompasses the work that needs to be complete to have a fully operational holistic cultivation system for the AuraCurve Habitat.

Initial Brazil Land Assessment (4 Land analyses)

Simplified land assessment presentation on four land plots in Brazil, five hours southwest of Rio de Janeiro

Eco-Village Community Development (May 2021)

Presented at the Re:Build conference.

– Slides available below video  –

Motivation for a resource-based economy community (December 2020)

Introduction to a Community-type Society (December 2020)

Presented at GaiaAlliance in Alto Parisio, Brazil.


VR Tour of the Auravana Project Societal standards (August 2017)