The System Overview (SO)

Societal Specification Standard (SSS)

Identifier: SSS-SO-001

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Page count: 41 pages

Version: 001

Release Date: June 2020

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The System Overview. (2020). Auravana Project, Societal Specification Standard, AURA/SSS-SO-001. []


This publication is the System Overview for a community-type society. In other words, this is the system overview for a proposed societal system of the type ‘community’. A system overview provides high-level models and relatable descriptions of a system’s organization; the organized understanding  of community. This overview identifies how humanity organizes information in order to structure its adaptation to a dynamic, emergent environment where humans have needs that can be optimally fulfilled, given what is known. This overview is necessary for social understanding, and it specifies, (1) a high-level, unified model for the organization of societal information, in such a way as to sustain human fulfillment, and (2) a treatise on community as a type of society (i.e., community is a type of configuration of the societal system). Discursive reasoning is provided for this specific configuration of a societal system, as opposed to the selection and encoding of other configurations.

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This document was prepared by the the Auravana Project team, composed of project coordinators and working group members. The articles in this document were prepared by their associated working groups.

Version Accepted: June 2020

Acceptance Event: Project coordinator acceptance

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License: CC BY 4.0

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