The Project Plan Lists

Below are the Project Plan’s lists in spreadsheet form. Each tab on the spreadsheet is a different list. This is an early draft of the lists, many of which of incomplete herein (but, may be more complete in the Standards documentation, the results of which have not yet filtered to this spreadsheet).

  1. Needs List (the WHY) //VERSION 001
  2. Objectives List (the NFR) //VERSION 001
  3. Requirements List (the FR) //INCOMPLETE
  4. Economic Calculation Matrix (not a list, but an economic calculation matrix) //VERSION 001
  5. Deliverables List //INCOMPLETE
  6. Schedule List (the WHEN) //INCOMPLETE
  7. Actions, Activities & Tasks List (the HOW) //INCOMPLETE
  8. Risk Mapping List //INCOMPLETE
  9. Language List //INCOMPLETE
  10. Metrics/Indicators //INCOMPLETE
  11. Various Standards List //INCOMPLETE
  12. Standards Organizations List //INCOMPLETE
  13. Teams List //NOT PRESENT

View the whole spreadsheet at [].