The Project Plan (PP)

Auravana Project: Societal Specification Standard (SSS)

Identifier: SSS-PP-002

The Project Plan

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Abstract: This publication is the Project Plan for a community-type society. A societal-level project plan describes the organized thinking and execution of a societal environment; the societal structuring of community. This project plan identifies humanity’s project to create a global community-type society for the fulfillment of that which everyone has mutually in common. This is a planned project for a configuration of society that may be tested in its results at optimally meeting all human life requirements at the global scale. This is a planning and work proposal for an open-source, societal-level project. This document describes and explains a unified approach to actions and results that is likely, given what is known and accessible, to improve all of humanity. This is the plan for societal navigation that specifies an approach, direction, and execution to socio-technical life. The project plan has three core sections: (1) Approach to project execution, (2) Direction of project execution, and (3) Execution of project execution. The standard details the complete, plannable information set for the society’s operation, including its approach to action, its direction of action, and its execution and adaptation of action. Herein, these concepts, their relationships and understandings, are defined and modeled. Discursive reasoning is provided for this specific configuration of a project plan, as opposed to the selection and encoding of other configurations. A project plan provides for the formalized project-based development operation of a society, organized in time and with available resources, coordinated to become a societal service system for human fulfillment and ecological well-being.


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Cite as: The Project Plan. (2022). Auravana Project, Societal Specification Standard, SSS-PP-002.

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This document was prepared by the the Auravana Project team, composed of project coordinators and working group members. The articles in this document were prepared by their associated working groups.