The Project Execution (PE)

Auravana Project: Societal Specification Standard (SSS)

Identifier: SSS-PP-PE-001

The System Overview

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Abstract: This publication is the Project Execution for a community-type society. Project Execution is a sub-set of the Project Plan to construct and operate community at the societal scale. This document separates out project execution lists and significant plans from the core Project Plan publication. A societal-level project plan describes the organized thinking and execution of a socio-technical environment. This Project Execution publication identifies the executable projects lists and significant plans to create a community-type society for global human fulfillment and ecological restoration. The project execution has three core sections: (1) the project lists, (2) the contribution service plan, and (3) a transition proposal plan. In part, this document proposes a transition to a community service operation at the societal scale.


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Cite as: The Project Execution. (2022). Auravana Project, Societal Specification Standard, SSS-PP-PE-001.

Release Date: July 2022


Version Accepted: July 2022

Acceptance Event: Project coordinator acceptance

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This document was prepared by the the Auravana Project team, composed of project coordinators and working group members. The articles in this document were prepared by their associated working groups.