The Material System (MS)

Auravana Project: Societal Specification Standard (SSS)

Identifier: SSS-MS-001

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Page count: 488 pages

Version: 001

Release Date: June 2020

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The Material System. (2020). Auravana Project, Societal Specification Standard, AURA/SSS-MS-001. []


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This publication is the Material System for a community-type society. A  material system describes the organized structuring of a material environment; the material structuring of community. This material system standard identifies the structures, technologies, and other processes constructed and operated in a material environment, and into a planetary ecology. A material system encodes and expresses our resolved decisions. When a decision resolves into action, that action is specified to occur in the material system. Here, behavior influences the environment, and in turn, the environment influences behavior. The coherent integration and open visualization of the material systems is important if creations are to maintain the highest level of fulfillment for all individuals. This standard represents the encoding of decisions into an environment forming lifestyles within a habitat service system. The visualization and simulation of humanity’s connected material integrations is essential for maintaining a set of complex, fulfillment-oriented material constructions. As such, the material system details what has been, what is, and what could be constructed [from our information model] into our environment. This specification depicts, through language and symbols, visualization, and simulation, a material environment consisting of a planetary ecology and embedded network of integrated city systems. For anything that is to be constructed in the material system, there is a written part, a drawing part, and a simulation part, which is also how the material system is sub-divided.

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This document was prepared by the the Auravana Project team, composed of project coordinators and working group members. The articles in this document were prepared by their associated working groups.

Version Accepted: June 2020

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