The Habitat System (MS)

Auravana Project: Societal Specification Standard (SSS)

Identifier: SSS-MS-HS-001

The Habitat System

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Abstract: This publication is the Habitat System for a community-type society. A habitat (a.k.a., city, town) is a material-operational service environment where humans live and have their needs fulfilled. It is a service composed of interacting material objects. This habitat system standard identifies the services, technologies, components, and processes that compose a habitat service system. A habitat service system encodes and expresses humanity’s decided material fulfillment services. When a decision resolves into a service, that service is specified to exist in the habitat system. Different configurations of a habitat lead to different levels and qualities of fulfillment. The coherent integration and open visualization of the habitat system is important for human requirements to be met at the local and global level through scientific planning. This standard represents the encoding of decisions into a global habitat service system with many local configurations of habitat that act together as a fulfillment platform for the whole community population. The visualization and simulation of humanity’s interconnected habitat systems is essential for maintaining a set of complex, fulfillment-oriented constructions and operations that meet human fulfillment requirements. This publication details what has been, what is, and what could be constructed in the material environment. It depicts through language and symbols, visualization, and simulation, a habitat service environment consisting of life, technology, and exploratory support services. For anything that is to be constructed in the material system, there is a written part, a drawing part, and a simulation part, which is also how the material system is sub-divided. Further, all habitats are designed and operated by means of master planning; they all have a master plan.



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