The Decision System (DS)

Auravana Project: Societal Specification Standard (SSS)

Identifier: SSS-DS-001

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Page count: 270 pages

Version: 001

Release Date: June 2020

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The Decision System. (2020). Auravana Project, Societal Specification Standard, AURA/SSS-DS-001. []

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This publication is the Decision System for a community-type society. A decision system describes the formal structuring of decisions involving a comprehensive information system that resolves into a modification to the state-dynamic of the material environment. A decision system is a collection of information-processing components — often involving humans and automation (e.g., computing) — that interact toward a common set of objectives. This decision system is designed to coordinate and control the flow of resources for global accessibility to all goods and services. To navigate in common, humanity must also decide in common. Herein, individuals maintain a relationship to resources that focuses on access rather than possession, maximizing the advantages of sharing, and incentivizing cooperative, rather than competitive, interest. All requirements relevant to human fulfillment and ecological well-being are factored in to the allocation of resources, optimizing quality-of-life for all, while ensuring the persistence of the commons. The standard’s decision processes produce tasks that are acted upon by an intersystem (a.k.a., “interdisciplinary”) team involving the coordinated planning and operation of projects. Through this comprehensive and transparent decisioning process individuals know precisely what needs to be accomplished to sustain and evolve their fulfillment. Herein, through formalized decisioning and cooperation humanity may continuously restructure society toward a higher potential dynamic of life experience for all. The use of a common social approach and data set allows for the resolution of societal level decisions through common protocols and procedural algorithms, openly optimized by contributing users for aligning humanity with its stated values and requirements.

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This document was prepared by the the Auravana Project team, composed of project coordinators and working group members. The articles in this document were prepared by their associated working groups.

Version Accepted: June 2020

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