Travel and work on the standards with a group of professionals

Ever fantasize about traveling while working on the designs for a community-type society (an NLRBE) with a group of passionate others? Look no further, contact us if you are interested in traveling while working on the standards for a resource-based economy (RBE) with a group of professionals, we will add your name to the list.

Each month we rent a new dwelling in a new city or country. At each new location we work on the system while sharing it with the local populace.

Are you dedicated to this common direction of ours and want to be part of a professional team of other dedicated individuals? Travel the world while contributing to the system’s design, and developing relationships with those who are likely to facilitate its future construction. One of the keys to understanding and contributing to the design of a new type of society is having experiences.

Our time together involves the following:

  1. Working on the specification standards and other associated project tasks (as specified in our project plan).
  2. Sharing project content with the local populace while developing relationships likely to facilitate the construction of the first community city.
  3. Exploring the new locale to which we have traveled.

Would you like to feel content and love what you do every day. Join us in designing and sharing a system that works for everyone.